Usha Mullan has been engaged in research ever since she graduated from the British Academy of Graphology in 1988. Her initial field of study was children’s writings and drawings with a particular focus on nine to fifteen year olds.

Her introduction to the Enneagram triggered her groundbreaking research into establishing its correlation with graphology. The results of this work were published by Scriptor Books in three volumes under the series Graphology and the Enneagram.

Usha Mullan has also conducted extensive research into projective drawings. Extracts of her research were presented in a series of eight lectures on the Tree Test in London between January and March 1998. This research has now been published.

After her first book was published in 1994, Usha Mullan sought to understand and experience the approach of other Enneagram groups and teachings firsthand. She has attended courses run by Don Riso and Russ Hudson in the United States and explored Arica groups and Gurdjieff’s Fourth Way teachings.

More recently, she explored the possible link between Indian philosophy (the Vedas) and quantum physics. Some of this work is captured in her latest book, "Kimiya's Quest", which was published by Hay House in 2017