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Graphology and the Enneagram Vol I - Personality in Light and Shadow

  • HardCover
  • 381 pages , 17 diagrams , 152 handwriting samples
  • ISBN : 0-9513700-8-1
  • Published by : Scriptor Books : Copyright ©1988 Usha Mullan

"Graphology and the Enneagram” is the first ever correlation of these two diverse approaches to the same subject: understanding the complexities of human nature. The author has successfully combined the Enneagram (an ancient typology probably rooted in Plato’s philosophy and Pythagoras’ mathematical genius) with graphology, the study of handwriting. 

The Enneagram is a typology; it categorises people into Types (and sub-Types). Handwriting, however, is an imprint of the person and identifies the uniqueness of the individual through analysis of the writing. Each of these two systems thereby complements the other. This book enables the reader to apply both systems to achieve a deeper understanding of human personality.    

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