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Graphology & the Enneagram Vol III : The Dynamics Illustrated Through Handwriting

  • Paperback
  • 412 pages , 18 diagrams , 256 handwriting samples
  • ISBN : 13: 978-1-899653-07-2
  • Published by : Scriptor Books: Copyright © 2008 Usha Mullan

Graphology and the Enneagram Volume III: The Dynamics Illustrated Through Handwriting, is the last of this series; it presupposes that the reader is familiar with the two preceding volumes.

This Volume provides a definitive guide to understanding the Enneagram typology through handwriting. It presents more than two hundred and fifty handwriting samples along with diagrams and captions that help to clarify and identify the nine primary Types, pinpointing the dominant Wing and the Basic Needs. The book also contains a useful Dictionary of Terms, a description of the Archetypes with graphic signs and an updated interpretation of the Quality of Movement which assists in assessing the level of development in a personality.

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